Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cookie Games

I had a hard time sleeping last night because I was so excited to make this game for my kiddos.  It was so took less than 1 hour!

You and your child can enjoy flipping over the cookies to reveal the mystery shape, letter, number or word.

Items you will need to make your own set:
Colored foam sheets
Canning jar lid or other circular object for tracing
Permanent Marker
Cookie sheet
Optional: Markers (they tend to smear a little bit) or colored pens or colored permanent markers

Trace lid onto foam with pen.
Cut out circles.
Draw shapes (with name), write letters, numbers or sight words onto the "cookies".
On the back side draw a wavy circle for the frosting.
Optional: have your children make sprinkles and decorate "cookies" with markers.


Developing Skills:
Eye hand coordination
Motor skills
Verbal skills
Recognition: shapes, letters, numbers or words

 We even practiced cutting skills with the scraps!

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Make every moment count in the lives of the children we love!

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