Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Valentine's Day Activities

Christmas and New Years are over.  This means it is time to start gearing up for Valentine's Day!  I love Valentine's. I hope that you are able to share this holiday with those that you love.  I plan on spending the day with my family.  We have a tradition of having a crab dinner together as a family. 

And there is no better way to learn than while you are having fun!  So, I have some great resources for you to add to your homeschool, preschool or kindergarten lessons this Valentine holiday.

I absolutely love these owl valentine graphics from Prettygrafikdesigns!  They are just so cute. 
 I have put together one of my famous pattern card sets.  Add these pattern cards to your math center and work on AB, ABB, AAB, ABC and AABB patterns.  My Valentine Owl Pattern Card set includes 30 unique pattern cards and 48 picture cards to complete the patterns. 


Some of my other Valentine's Day pattern sets include:




I also used some more of those cute owls in my Valentine Number Puzzles set.  Add this set to your math center and work on number order (1-5 and 1-10). This set includes 12 1-5 puzzles and 2 1-10 puzzles.  All the puzzles have super cute graphics from the owl, kids and safari sets.


Playdough is a must at our house.  It is a great sensory area activity.  It strengthens little finger muscles and develops creativity! Add my Valentine Playdough Mats set to your sensory center during the Valentine's holiday. My set includes 10 mats.
Make a snake letter h
Make a snake letter l
Make a snake letter v
Decorate the heart sugar cookies
Put dinner on the dinner plate
Make an arrow for the bow
Decorate the card
Put roses on the stems
Dress the stick figure for Valentine’s Day


We love games at our house!  So spend some time together and play a few card games.  And if it is anything like our house you will play them over and over and over and over.  Add these games to you math center during the Valentine holiday.  My Valentine's Day Card Games set includes a festive twist on 3 child games...Go Fish, Memory and Old Maid. 
Valentine’s Day Go Fish: 10 matches = 40 cards
Valentine’s Day Memory: 12 matches = 24 cards
Valentine’s Day Old Maid: 11 matches + 1 old maid = 23 cards


To find all of my Valentine's Day activities visit my TPT store.

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