Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Homeschool Preschool Calendar Time

Phew!  I have been working so hard this past month to get my summer homeschool preschool classroom set up.  I am so excited with the way that it turned out.

Here is our calendar.  I think it looks so fun with the bright rainbow chevron colors.  We start off our day by going over our calendar.  We sing songs and go over the season, month, day and year.  The kids sure enjoy using their pointers to point out the different items on the calendar as we go.

I love this Today Is wheel!  I just added a paper clip and my kiddos can easily spin it to reveal what yesterday was, what today is and what tomorrow will be.

After we sing our weather song and check out the weather we then come back to circle and move our clothes pins on the weather chart.  We then color color in the monthly weather graph.

 I change out our weekly color, shape, number and letter cards each week.  We enjoy singing and dancing during this portion of our calendar time

As we go through the week we add theme cards to our calendar word wall.

 On Friday, after calendar time, we add all of our weeks theme cards to our word wall.  I love this wall.  It really brightens up our room!  The background is a plastic green tablecloth from the dollar store.

I bought boxes from Target a few years ago and they work perfectly for holding all the things we need for our preschool day.  So, I had to make theme matching labels!

I love, love, love it!!!

It you would like to change your homeschool preschool calendar time theme check out this set (it includes even more goodies!) at my TpT store.

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