Friday, January 6, 2017

Oh, Boy! Preschool Camp - Week 2

Welcome back!  
I hope you and your child(ren) loved doing week 1's activities.  If you missed it head over to week 1's blog post now and join us on a fun 13 week journey as we discover and explore colors, numbers, letters and shapes!

I hope you are ready for another fun week of learning and playing together!

Grab your supply list:

Now let's "take changes, make mistakes and get messy!" 
-Miss Frizzle

Monday - January 9, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Duplo Stacking
(numbers 1-5 and beginning counting)

Kid's love Duplos!  So why not add a little math to their play.  Practice counting and number recognition with these fun Duplo stacking cards.  Don't forget to discuss the colors you see and the square shapes.

You can get these cute Duplo card printables from All Our Days for FREE!

2. Tissue Paper Sun

This is a great activity for fine motor development and color recognition.  Have your child(ren) tear yellow tissue paper.  Then glue the yellow tissue paper pieces onto the sun printable.

Don't forget to grab your sun printable for FREE!

3. Sweeping
(square shape and color yellow)

Here is a fabulous activity to help your child(ren) to work on a life skill!  As well as color recognition, shape recognition, motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

For this activity you will need to form a square of painters tape on the floor.  Have your child(ren) sweep yellow objects into the square.  I used yellow pom pops, yellow foam blocks and yellow Duplos.  Once all of the objects are in the square have your child(ren) sweep the objects into a dust pan and pour the objects into a bucket.

4. Dip and Dot
(letters Cd & Dd)

This is a fun activity for letter recognition and fine motor skills.  Print your dip and dot printables for letter C and D.  Have your child(ren) use a Q-tip to dip in paint (preferable yellow to go along with our color of the week) and then dot the circles in the each letter.

My kids loved doing this.  They kept asking for more letters to dot!

You may get your dip and dot printables in my Oh, Boy! Letters Mega Bundle at my TpT store.  Sorry, this packet is not sold individually.  But you can create your own dip and dot worksheet by making a bubble letter and then adding small circles in the bubble letter.

5. Ducks In A Pond
(numbers 0-5)

If you recall last week we had a book of the week.  This week we are doing a song for the week..."5 Little Ducks"

5 little ducks went out to play,
Over the hill and far away.
Mother duck said "quack, quack, quack",
But only 4 little ducks came waddling back.

4 little ducks...only 3...
3 little ducks...only 2...
2 little ducks...only 1
1 little little ducks...

Sad mother duck went out one day,
Over the hill and far away.
The sad mother duck said "quack, quack, quack",
And all 5 little ducks came waddling back!

For the activity to go along with our song, we are going to have a rubber ducky sensory bin!  You will need rubber ducks and water!  Now, let's play.  Don't forget to count the ducks, talk about their color and body parts, and sing the song as you play.  This activity entertained my kiddos for about an hour!

Tuesday - January 10, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Cc & Dd Ball Toss
(letters Cc & Dd and gross motor)

My kids love throwing balls!  I just added an educational twist to the game.  Throw balls into letter labeled buckets!  My preschooler called out the letter and letter sound of the basket that the ball landed in.  My kindergartner said the letter, letter sound and a word that started with the letter of the basket the ball landed in.

To get your bucket letter labels you can purchase my Oh, Boy! Letters Bundle at my TpT store.  Or you can make your own letter labels by writing letters on half a sheet of paper.

2. Number Puzzles
(numbers 1-5)

This is a great activity for number recognition and counting.  Preschoolers many need assistance in counting as they point to each object on the puzzle piece.  

You can get these fun number puzzle printables for The Reading Mama for FREE!

3. Painting Squares
(square shape)

To prepare for this activity put painters tape onto cardstock.  Add paint, markers, bingo markers or other coloring utensils for you child(ren) to color in the squares.

My kids loved this activity!  They were excited to make color patterns and mix colors.

4. Five Little Ducks Puppets
(numbers 0-5)

Today we are going to sing along with a cute youtube video.  I like this version because it shows numbers as it counts the little duckies.

Print out the duck puppets for FREE over at ABC's to ACT's.  I printed mine on cardstock, then laminated them and hot glued them to popsicle sticks.

We enjoyed playing, singing and acting out the song for quite awhile after the movie was over.

Wednesday - January 11, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Stamping Playdough
(yellow, number 0-5 and letters C & D)

I added letter stamps and square, letter and number cookie cutters to our yellow playdough.  My kiddos love playing with playdough!  My toddler stayed at this activity for quite a while.  This is a great time to review letters A, a, B,  and b that we explored last week.

If you need a playdough recipe this is a great one!  The playdough lasts for months and months.  Don't forget to have your child(ren) help you out.


1 cup flour
1 cup water
1/4 cup salt
2 tsp cream of tartar
1 Tbsp vegetable oil
food coloring

Add all ingredients to a pot.
Mix on medium heat until a ball forms.
Remove from heat and cool on wax paper.
Knead until it is smooth.

2. Fingerprint Caterpillars
(numbers 0-5 and yellow)

This is a great activity for number recognition and counting.

For this activity you will need yellow finger paint.  Have your child(ren) create the correct number of bodies to each caterpillar head.

And of course, some activities just don't quite go as planned!  And that is okay.  My preschooler is having fun developing his sense of touch/feel and fine motor skills.  My little one even said "Mom, this is a bright as the sun."  Play is the best type of learning.

Don't forget to grab your FREE caterpillar printable.

3.  Yellow Magazine Collage
(yellow and scissor skills)

My kids were so excited about this activity!  We spent a lot of time working on making their yellow collages.  

You will need some old magazines, scissors, glue stick and a piece of paper.  I chose yellow construction paper to put our yellow pictures on.  For this activity go through the old magazines and find pictures of yellow objects.  Once you find a picture have your child cut out the picture.  After they have cut out the picture have them glue the back of it and paste it onto their collage paper.

TIP: I found it easier to tear the page out and then let my kiddos cut the picture out.

4. Shape Booklet

It is fun to have a book that you made!  So I put together shape booklets for 14 different 2D shapes.  We worked on our square one this week.

While your child(ren) color their pictures talk about the objects in their book and find some around the room as well.

You can get your 2D shape booklets at my TpT store.  They will be 50% off this week only!

5. Duck Counting
(numbers 0-5)

First sing the weekly song.  Next, we are going to be clipping clothespins to our number ducks. This is a great activity for fine motor development, counting and number recognition.

My preschooler really worked hard to count the dots and find the correct number.  My toddler just played with the ducks because he couldn't get the clothespins to open.

I added painters tape to the ends of clothespins and then wrote the numbers 0-5.  I assisted (when needed) my preschool to count the black dot on the duck.  Then we found the number that needed to be clipped onto the duck.

Another way to do this activity is to clip a clothespin onto each of the black dots.

 Grab your duck counting printables for FREE!

Thursday - January 12, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Lemonade
(yellow and cooking)

Yummy!  This is a great hands on activity.  We love making fresh lemonade at our house.  Especially after we watch LeapFrog Letter Factory: Counting on Lemonade.

1 1/2 cups lemon juice, freshly squeezed
1 1/2 cups sugar
6-7 cups water

Let your child(ren) cut about 7 lemons in half.  Be watchful as you child cuts the lemons.

Squeeze and strain the lemons.  I had to finish each of the lemon halves, but they loved working hard to get the lemon juice.

Add the ingredients together and stir!

2. Cc & Dd Bag Sort
(letters Cc & Dd)

This is a great activity for letter recognition; especially letter recognition in different fonts.

My toddler loved putting letters into a bag!

Grab your letter sorting cards in my Oh, Boy! Letters Mega Bundle at my TpT store.

3. Bean Bag Tic Tac Toe
(square shape and gross motor)

This was so fun!  You will need painters tape and bean bags.  If you don't have bean bags you can make them with material and dried beans. Or even try adding dried beans to a ziploc bag, and then another bag and then tape the zipper part shut (I don't know if it will work but I am sure most of you have ziplocs).

My preschooler didn't quite understand the game rules; however, my kindergartner loves tic-tac-toe!  If you just want to throw your square bean bags onto the tape squares go right ahead.  My kiddos love throwing!

4. Roll and Cover Strip
(numbers 0-5)

I love bright colors!  Doesn't this game just look so fun and inviting!

For this activity you will need to print and assemble your die.  Also print your roll and cover strip page.  Add small manipulatives like buttons, pom poms, etc.  I chose to get out our mini erasers (I get them at Target's dollar spot...they are so useful).  Have you child(ren) roll their die and then cover the number it landed on with a small manipulative.  Have them continue to roll until all of the numbers get covered.

EXTENTION ACTIVITY: count the amount of manipulatives that are on each of the numbers.

You can grab this printable in my Oh, Boy! Numbers Mega Bundle at my TpT store.  This bundle is brand new and growing.  Grab it now at a special buy in price and you will recieve all additional centers, activities and printables for FREE!

5. Farm Animals Eye Spy
 (numbers 1-5)

This is a great activity for all your young kiddos.  You can use it with your toddlers and point out the different animals.  Say the animals name and the animals sound.  Older children can count the different animals.

This was a great counting activity for my kindergartner.  I created a worksheet to go with the eye spy mat.  Have your child count each animal and then mark the corresponding number boxes that goes with that animal.  Of course my kindergartner decided just to color the one box that indicated the number of animals.

The original plan and idea was to mark one box for each animal.  For example there are 3 sheep on the eye spy page so your child would color in boxes 1, 2 and 3.  Leaving boxes 4 and 5 blank.  However, either way will work.  

I did have to help my preschooler out with this activity.  But it is a great introduction to number recognition and counting!

Don't forget to grab your FREE eye spy farm animals printable!

Friday - January 13, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Cc & Dd Necklace
(letters Cc & Dd and fine motor)

This activity is so much more than a letter recognition and beginning phonemic awareness activity.  Your child(ren) will work so many of their fine motor muscles as they:

1. Color their pictures

2. Cut out the circles

3. Hole punch the circles

4. Thread the yarn through the circles

Grab your letter necklaces at my TpT store!  It will be 50% off this week only!

2. Buttery Popcorn

This is a fun activity for your child(ren) to develope their fine motor skills as well as work on yellow color recognition!

To prepare for this activity print my FREE printable and glue on cotton balls.  Have your child use an eye dropper (or a medicine syringe you get with the baby tylenol) to add yellow (food coloring) water to the cotton balls. I told them that they would be putting butter on their popcorn.  They loved this activity.  They stayed for at least 15 minutes!!!  That is a lot of fine motor development time.

Be sure to grab your FREE popcorn printable.

3. Toothpick and Marshmallow Squares
(square shape and fine motor)

This activity was amazing!  My kids played and played and played!  They were very involved with their play for more than an hour!

For this activity I provided my kiddos with marshmallows and toothpicks.  I had them see if they could make a square with just marshmallows and toothpicks.  They did!  And of course kept creating!!!

They even added some heavy machinary to help them build.  My kindergartner put the marshmallows into the cement truck to make cement.  

My preschooler made "daddy" and "baby" hexagons.

Then they got out the Duplos.  They made trucks to haul the marshmallows.

The fun just never ended with this activity!  I love when children play and create all by themselves.  So much learning can be done in this time of exploration.

4. Memory Game
(letters Cc & Dd)

This game was a hit!  We played it over and over and over again.  This game is great for memory development, fine motor skills, phonemic awareness and more.

I used just the C and D pictures from my letter memory card game.  You can prepare for this game by printing, laminating and cutting out your own cards.

Add Go Fish, Memory and Old Maid card games to your letter curriculum!  Grab your alphabet card games at my TpT store.  They will be 50% off this week only!

5. Hide and Seek

Sing our little ducky song.  Then discuss how the ducks were hiding where the mommy duck couldn't find them.  When she went to go look for them...she found them!  Play hide and seek.  

Now it is your turn to "take chances, make mistakes and get messy!" 

Need to go back to week 1? Ready for week 3...

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