Friday, January 13, 2017

Oh, Boy! Preschool Camp - Week 3

Week 3!!!

 Are you noticing a difference with your child?  My children seem much more happy now that I am spending more QUALITY time with them.  It has been such a great new year for our family so far.  I have even added 7 minutes of one-on-one reading time with each of my children every day.

First grab your supply list.

Monday - January 16, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Cut Blue Yarn
(color blue and scissor skills)

This is a great activity to work on fine motor skills and practice using scissors.  My kids loved this activity!  They could have cut the strands of yarn off the table all day.  Unfortunately the activity went way to quickly.

To prepare use painters tape to attach yarn strands to a table or counter top.

Let your child(ren) cut the strands of yarn!

Let them continue to cut the yarn strands after they have been cut from the table.

2. Letter Watches
(letters E & F)

I am not going to lie.  My kids loved when I first introduced them to these watches.  So, I was sure that they would be excited to make them once again.  However, this was not the case.  

We started the activty...and then the dinosaurs came out!  I was a little frustrated, because I spend a lot of time planning, creating and preping for our day, week, and month.  But I told my self, "Erica, it is okay.  Kids learn through play.  It is okay for them to play and not want to do this activity.  Just clean it up and come back to it later."  They played and played.  They were happy and so was I.

Of course we came back to the activity and then enjoyed it.  My preschooler spent about 10 minutes cutting out his watch.  Trying to get as close to the line as he could; cutting little slivers off at a time!

You can get your letter watches at my TpT store.  It will be 50% off this week only!

3. Number Picture Dab It
(numbers 6-9)

My kiddos love dab it markers (bingo markers)!  For this activity your child will dab each circle that forms the number, the circles in the ten frame and the gumballs in the gumball machine.  Don't forget to help them count.

Grab your picture number dab it printables at my TpT store.  This packet will be 50% off this week only!

4. Pyramid
(triangle shape, eye hand coordination and motor skills)

My kids loved loved LOVED this activity.  They played for at least 30 minutes.

For this activity you will need cups.  I purchased brightly colored plastic shot glasses from the dollar store.  You can use little dixie cups, red solo cups, plastic kid cups, etc.

I asked my children if they could create a triangle using just the cups.  Here is what they came up with:

My preschooler:

My kindergartner:

My preschooler started getting really frustated when his triangle tower would fall over.  This provided a great oppurtunity for me to help him recognize his feelings, understand his feelings, calm down and try again.

Some serious fun going on with this activity!

5. The Greedy Triangle
(listening skills and shapes)

Our story for the week is "The Greedy Triangle" by Marilyn Burns.

This is such a great book all about shapes.  FYI: It is a little long.  Today we will be watching the book on youtube.  I like this version of the book because the reader asks questions as the book goes on.  You can pause the movie and answer his questions.

Tuesday - January 17, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Rainbow Number Write
(numbers 6-9)

This is such a fun activity to practice number writing.

Yesterday, I was so sad when my kindergartner told me that he didn't like going to school (he attends school as well as being homeschooled).  I asked him why he didn't like school.  He said he didn't like writing his numbers over and over.  I knew exactly what he was talking about; he has brough home a worksheet for every number up to 29 so far.  I can see why he doesn't like this activity.  He is an active and creative little guy.  To him this is very boring and not engaging.

However, today he loved making his numbers colorful.  He didn't whine once.  He was so happy and excited about all of the colors he was using.

You can get these number printables in my Oh, Boy! Numbers Preschool Mega Bundle at my TpT store or write bubble numbers on a piece of paper to make your own.

2. Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cones
(triangle shape)

1/2 cup shaving cream
1/4 cup white glue
Food coloring

Mix the shaving cream and food coloring together.  Add to a ziploc bag or a squeeze bottle.

Be sure to include your (child)ren in making the puffy paint.

TIP: tape the ziploc bag shut so it doesn't open when your child squeezes the paint out.

We decided to add sprinkles to our "ice cream".  Don't forget to discuss the triangle shape that you see.

3. Rain Cloud
(science and color blue)

For this activity you will need a clear jar, water, shaving cream, blue food coloring and eye droppers.

First fill the jar with water.

Add a little shaving cream on top.

Put blue colored water on the shaving cream.

We put a white piece of paper behind our jar so we could see the "rain" better.

4. Crayon Rubbings
(letters E, e, F and f)

To prepare for this activity write in your best handwriting individual letters onto 3x5 cards.  Trace the letters with hot glue.

First have your child peel the paper off of a crayon.  This is another great activity for your child(ren) to develop their fine motor muscles.  They may need a little assistance.

Then rub the long side of the crayon on top of a piece of paper that has one letter rubbing card underneath.  Magically watch the letters appear!

5. Triangle Book
(listening skills and triangles)

Start by reading our book of the week.  One of Triangles favorite things to be when he was a quadrilateral was the pages of a book.  I wonder if we can make a triangle book so Triangle would be happy as a triangle again?  Let's try it out!

Include you child(ren) in making a triangle book.  For this you will need construction paper and printer paper.  Fold the papers in half (hamburger style).  Draw a line to form a triangle and cut on the line.  Staple pages together to form the book.

Encourage your children to fill the pages of their book with wonderful pictures and designs of their imaginations!

My kindergartner drew a triangle truck!

Wednesday - January 18, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Elbow Painting
(letters E, e, F and f)

You will need finger paint and a paper with bubble letters for Ee and Ff.

Roll up your sleeves!  Today we are going to paint with our elbows.  Prepare by writing our letters of the week in bubble form on a piece of paper.  Have your child(ren) dip their elbow in the fingerpaint and paint the letters.  I also chose to do the color blue to tie in our color of the week.

TIP: I put some paint on our paint lid to make it easier for my kiddos to dip their elbow in.

After a while my preschooler just wanted to use his fingers.  Which is completely fine.  Don't force your children to do the activity the way you imagined if they want to try a different way.

2. Money Piles
(counting, number recognition and coin introduction)

This is a great way to introduce money to your preschooler.  Have your child(ren) stack the coins on the numbers.

They may even want to see how high they can make their tower!

Don't forget to grab your FREE counting coin printables.

3. Shape Poke A Picture
(triangle shape and fine motor)

This is a great activity for working on fine motor skills.   Place your printable on top of a piece of construction paper.  I chose blue to tie in our color of the week.  Add a piece of tap to hold it in place.  Have your child use a push pin to make a hole in each of the dashed lines.  We like to hang our pictures on the window so the light shines through.

Grab your shape pinning printable at my TpT store.  It will be 50% off this week only.

4. Jello Jigglers
(color blue)

For this activity you will make blue jello jigglers according to the package instructions.

While you wait for the jello to chill do some of the other activities for today.  And read some stories together.

Provide your child(ren) with different cookie cutters and have them cut out their jello jigglers.  Enjoy!

5.  Triangle Building
(triangle shape)

Read our story of the week.  What was Triangle's favorite thing to be when he was a pentagon shape?  I wonder if we can make a triangle building so Triangle would be happy as a triangle shape again?  Let's find out! We used yellow Duplos (because Triangle is yellow) to build our triangle building.

Thursday - January 19, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Flour
(sensory and letter f)

Flour starts with F.  Add flour, measuring cups, measuring spoons, funnels and other tools to the sensory bin.  Let your kids explore!

"Look mom!  I made a flour tower."

2. Pom Pom Blow
(science and color blue)

This is a fun activity!  My kiddos loved it.

You will need to tape paper cups to the edge of your counter or table.  Let your child use different sized tubes (straw, paper towel holder, etc.) to blow blue pom poms (different sizes) into the cup.  

Which tube was easier to move the pom poms?
Why do you think that tube was easier?
Which sized pom poms were hardest to move?
Why do you think those pom poms were harder to move? 

This is also a great activity to work on oral muscles for developing language.

Getting creative!  Trying to blow a pom pom through a tube and then into the cup.  I love when my kids explore and use their imagination.

3. Sponge Painting
(triangle shape)

To prepare cut a sponge into triangles.  We also used blue paint to add in our color of the week.

For this activity your child(ren) will be using triangle sponges to paint with.

Making squares, diamonds and rectangles using a triangle!

4. Number Puddle Jump
(number recognition, counting and color blue)

To prepare for this activity cut out "puddles" in blue construction paper.  Label each one with numbers 6-10 and dots for counting.  I also added number words for my kindergartner.

Have your child(ren) hope from puddle to puddle.  Have them say the number they landed on or count the dots.

5. Telephone

Read our story of the week.  Triangle spent to much time in the beehive as a hexagon that he was to busy to talk to his friends.  What is a way that we can talk to our friends?  Lets see if we can build a telephone! 

For this activity you will need two tin cans (clean and top removed), hammer, nail and string.

Help your child(ren) hammer a nail into the center of each tin can.  Thread the string through the can and tie a knot.  Repeat with the other can to connect the two and make a "phone".

Talk and listen to each other.

Friday - January 20, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. I Have Who Has
(shape recognition)

We played this game as a family!  It was so fun.  My kids loved it.  I wasn't able to get really good pictures (sorry).

Get your I Have Who Has card game at my TpT store.  It will be 50% off this week only!

2. Popcorn Number Fill
(number recognition and counting)

For this activity you will need 1/4 cup of corn kernels and 1 Tbsp of oil.  Also, laminate the printables so they are easy to clean and reuse.

First make popcorn!  Add oil and corn kernels to a pan.  Cover with a lid.  Cook on medium to medium low heat.  Move the pan back and forth over the heat while the kernels cook. 

We like to take the lid off when they start popping and let a few pop out of the pan.  It is so fun to watch them pop!

When you have finished making your popcorn, have your child(ren) add the correct number of popcorn pieces to each of the popcorn bucket.  Don't forget to snack while you work!

3. Pumpkin Pie
(triangle shape, cooking and life skills)

For this activity you will need your favorite pie recipe.

We love pumpkin pie at our house!  This is a great activity to work on life skills as you teach your children to cook.  I chose to make pumpkin pie to make with my children because when you slice it it will stay together better and my kids could see the triangle shape that a slice of pie makes.  Feel free to make your favorite pie.

4. Colored Rice
(color blue)

2 cups white rice
1 Tbsp vinegar
5-15 drops of blue food coloring (depends on the hue you want)

First make your rice.  Add all of the ingredients into a quart size ziploc bag.  

Mix the bag my gently shaking it and kneading it.

Dump the rice out onto a piece of wax paper that's on a cookie sheet.  Let it is pretty quick.  While it dries do one or two of the other activities.  Then you can come back and finish this activity.

Add funnels, measuring cups, measuring spoons, etc. and let your child(ren) play.

5. Will It Roll?
(science and shapes)

Read our story of the week.  Triangle had so many sides and so many angles he was starting to look like a circle.  Today we are going to test out some toys to see if they will roll down the hill like Triangle did.

First build a ramp.  You can use a piece of wood, cardboard box, hot wheel tracks, etc. to make your ramp.  Then gather objects that are different shapes; for example: ball, block, empty water bottle, small vehicle, dice, plastic egg, etc.  My kids picked out a swimming noodle, foam letter block, Duplo tower and a pipe cleaner. 

Discuss why some things slide and others roll.

Now it is your turn to "take chances, make mistakes and get messy!" - Ms. Frizzle

Need to go back to week 2?  Ready for week 4...       

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