Friday, January 20, 2017

Oh, Boy! Preschool Camp - Week 4

Are you ready for week 4?  

Unfortunately. we had the stomach flu and head colds going on at our house.  UGH!  We did most of the activities I had planned in two days because I didn't want to let you guys down.

Let's get started..grab your supply list.

Monday - January 23, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Hammer Letters
(G, g, H and h letter recognition, eye hand coordination and motor skills)

To prepare cut out two pieces of cardboard.  Write in permenant marker Gg and Hh.

My kiddos loved this activity!  Give them each child a toy hammer and some golf tees.  Place the cardboard pieces on carpet so when the tees go through it wont do any damage.  Let them hammer the tees into the letters!

2. Shape Shake
(shapes and motor skills)

To prepare for this activity draw shapes on thin cardboard.  Using a pen or pencil poke a hole in the center of each shape.  I created shaped that we have already discussed as well as our new shape of the week.

Attach yarn or string to a chair or door handle.  With the other end of the yarn have your child(ren) lace on the shapes and shake them to the other end.

3. Froot Loop Stacking
(primary color recognition, sorting and fine motor)

You have probably already seen this activity out there.  It is one of our favorites!  I had to giggle when my husband told me about a great activity he saw on was this one.  He thought our kids would really enjoy it.  I just smiled at him.  Little did he know I was planning on doing it this week.

First, sort out the yellow, blue and red Froot Loops.

 Next stack the Froot Loops on dried spaghetti noodles (use playdough to hold noodles in place).  I had my kids sort the colors out again.  Putting each of the primary colors on a noodle.  My kindergartner had a great time counting how many he could fit onto the noodle.

4. Card Number Match
(number recognition and sorting)

For this activity your child(ren) will sort a deck of cards by number.  We used Uno, however, you can use any deck that has number (6-10).  My toddler sorted the lower number cards by color.

5. Symmetrical Mouse
(color recogntion and symmetry)

Our story for the week will be Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.

Start of by reading the story.  After the store, discuss the colors of paint that the mice got into (red, yellow and blue). 

Today we are going to paint a mouse...only half of the mouse.  Use red, yellow and blue finger paints.  Fold the mouse paper in half when your child(ren) is done to create a symmetrical colored mouse.

The mouse looks the same on both sides; this is called symmetry!  Did any of the colors mix?  What new colors were created?

Don't forget to grab your FREE symmetry mouse printable.

Tuesday - January 24, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Color The Room
(letter g and h recognition and fine motor)

To prepare for this activity print and cut out the g and h color the room card sets.  Using painters tape, attach the cards to the walls and furniture around the room (make sure there are an appropriate level for your child(ren) to see.

Have your child go around the room with the g and h color sheets.  I placed their color sheet to a clip board so it would be easier to color the pictures.  Your child(ren) will color each picture as they find it around the room.  Don't forget to have them point out the letter g and h in each of the words.

You can get your own color the room activity at my TpT store.  It will be 50% off this week only!

2. 1. Duplo Number Mats
(color recognition, number recognition and square/rectangle shapes)

My kiddos loved this activity!  I hope yours will too.

For this activity have your child(ren) will build numbers using Duplos.  I chose to use red, yellow and blue to tie in the color of the week.  Also point out the squares and rectangles...what makes them different?

You can get your Lego number mats over at for FREE!

3. Wrap Boxes
(life skills, fine motor skills and rectangle shape)

Wrap up cardboard boxes!  My kids love to help me wrap presents.  So, I decided it would be a great time to practice together.

While I was helping my kindergartner wrapped a box up all by himself!  It looked more like a cyclindar than a rectangular prism.  But He sure was proud of himself.

4. Rainbow Drawing
(color recognition and fine motor)

To prepare for this activity tape together red, yellow and blue coloring utensils.

Have your child(ren) color with the combined coloring utensils!

5. Ice Painting
(color recogntion and science)

To prepare for this activity mix paint with water and add to an ice cube tray.  I covered my ice cube tray with aluminum foil and poked popsicle sticks through.  The foil held the sticks up right while the paint/water mixture froze.  

NOTE: Make a few ice cube paints so they can keep painting when theirs is gone or it breaks.

Start by reading our story of the week.  Discuss how the mice mixed the colors of paint to create new colors.  Have your child(ren) paint with the ice cube paints (slightly thawed).  Can they make green, orange and purple?

 My kiddos asked for more paper...

Wednesday - January 25, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Letter Sort
(letter recognition and sorting)

For this activity your child(ren) will sort G, g, H and h letters.

First pick which letter they will put on their mat by choosing the Gg or Hh card.

Then have your child(ren) put the correct letter onto their mats.

I chose to get out our air transportation mats because helicopter and hot air balloon start with h.

You can get your Air Transportation Letter Sort activity in my TpT store.  It will be 50% off this week only!

You may also choose from a few of our other letter sorting activities to better capture your theme or childs interest:

2. Dominos or Jenga
(rectangle recognition, motor skills and engineering)

For this activity let your child(ren) explore and build with Jenga blocks or Dominoes.

3. Fruit Snack
(color recognition and healthy eating)

Yum!  Explore healthy food and colors with strawberries, blueberries and bananas.

4. Mouse Paint Puppets
(story telling and color recogition)

Read our story of the week.  As you read you and your child(ren) can use the puppets.  Have your child retell you the story using the puppets.

Grab your FREE Mouse Paint puppets at Ashley Stewarts TpT store.

Thursday - January 26, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Hole Punch Letters
(letter recognition, color recognition and motor skills)

To prepare for this activity cut out G, g, H and h in red, yellow and blue construction paper.

Have your child(ren) hole punch the letters.

2. Number Match Ice Cream Cones
(number recognition)

For this activity have your child(ren) will match the ice cream to the cooresponding cones.

Grab your FREE ice cream cone printables at Early Childhood Printables.  I know it says it is free until a certain date.  However, I click on the "patterns" link towards the end of the blog post and printed them for free.

3. Balance Beam
(rectangle shape and gross motor)

Use a long 2x4 to create your balance beam.  If you don't have this you can put a strip of painters tape on the floor.

My child(ren) are monkeys!  They said having the balance beam on the floor was to easy.  To make it more difficult you can have them try to walk backwards or even add small (soft) objects on the beam for them to step over.

 We added some step stools to raise it up a bit.

4. Magic Milk
(color recognition and science)

For this activity you will need:

food coloring
dish soap
plate or bowl

Pour the milk into the plate.  Then add drops of red, yellow and blue food coloring.  Have your child(ren) dip their toothpick into the dishsoap and touch it to the food coloring drops.

And watch!

Notice the colors mixing.

5. Marker Blend
(color recogniton and science)

Start by reading our story of the week.  Now lets blend marker colors!

You may have seen this activity done with coffee filters.  We used paper towel sheets because they are rectangluar and I wanted to tie in our shape of the week.  

HINT: place wax paper underneath the paper towel so your towel will soak up all the water.


For this activity your child(ren) will color on the paper towel with red, yellow and blue washable markers.  Then have them spary their picture with a squirt bottle.  Watch as the colors bleed and blend.

Friday - January 27, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Gingerbread Man

I am so sorry I forgot to photograph this activity....blame it on my head cold!

My kiddos loved this activity!  I purchased a gingerbread cookie mix and we make gingerbread men.  Let your child(ren) help you make the cookie dough, roll it out and cut out gingerbread men with cookie cutters.

When the cookies are done baking and have cooled let your child(ren) decorate their gingerbread man with frosting, sprinkles and small candies.  My kids ate while they worked.  

2. Shaving Cream Foam Block Towers
(shape recognition and engineering)

Your child(ren) will love building with foam blocks and shaving cream.  Discuss how the shaving cream sticks the blocks together.  Also notice the different shapes.

3. Jar Color Sorting
(color recognition and sorting)

Sort the different pictures by placing them on the matching color jar.

Get your jar color matching activity in my Oh, Boy! Colors Preschool Mega Bundle at my TpT store.

4. Pipe Cleaner Numbers
(6-9 number recognition and counting)

For this activity for pipe cleaners into the numbers 6-9.  Have your child(ren) lace on the correct number of bead to each letter.  See if they can figure out how to get them on the 8 without your help.

5. Water Mix
(science and color recognition)

First read our book of the week.

For this activity prepare three cups of colored water (dye water with food coloring).  Have your child(ren) experiment and mix the water using a dropper.

Now it is your turn to "take chances, make mistakes and get messy!" - Ms. Frizzle

Need to go back to week 3?  Ready for week 5...

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