Friday, January 27, 2017

Oh, Boy! Preschool Camp - Week 5

It is week 5 of our 13 week preschool camp!

I hope you are ready for a new week of fun and engaging activities to do with your child(ren).  We had a slower week because I am still trying to get over this cold.  However, I am optimistic for a great week next week.  

Grab your supply list!

Now it is your turn to "take chances, make mistakes and get messy!" - Ms. Frizzle

Monday - January 30, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Growing Ice
(science and letter i)

This activity is amazing!  We loved it. I know you and your child(ren) will love it too!

To prepare for this activity place a few water bottles in the freezer for 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Place a few ice cubes onto a plate or in a bowl.  Have your child(ren) slowly pour the cold water onto the ice.  Watch the ice grow!  Does the water turn into ice when you don't pour it on ice cubes?

Enjoying an ice cold drink!  We even ate the slushy ice.

2. Hard Boiled Eggs
(cooking, science, fine motor and oval shape)

My kids loved this activity...I didn't cook enough eggs!  I made them 3 eggs each.

For this activity bring a pot of water to boil.  Add in the amount of eggs you would like to boil and then cook for 12 minutes.  Run the eggs under cold water for a few minutes.

Let your child(ren) tap the eggs to crack them.  Then, let them peel the eggs.  I had a measuring cup of water that they could rinse off any extra egg shell before they ate their eggs.

They even divided the parts of the egg up.  My kindergartner likes the white part of the egg and my preschooler likes the yolk.  At least the entire egg gets eaten that way.

I made myself an egg salad sandwich!!!

3. Pea Sensory Bin
(sensory and color green)

Put dried split peas into your sensory bin or tub.  Let your kiddos play and explore!  My kitchen was covered in peas when they were done.  But at least they had fun playing for over 30 minutes.

4. Carry Water Jugs
(gross motor and math)

This week we will be adding Jack and Jill nursery rhyme to our activities.  I chose this nursery rhyme because it will go with our letters of the week (i and j).

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down
And broke his crown.
And Jill came tumbling after.

For this activity sing or say the nursery rhyme and then discuss how Jack and Jill went up the hill to get water.  Provide your child(ren) with different sizes of water jugs.  Let them carry them up and down the stairs.

Which jug was the heaviest to carry?  Which was the easiest to carry?

Tuesday - January 31, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Decorate Eggs
(oval shape)

To prepare for this activity cut out egg shapes from construction paper.  Have your child(ren) decorate the egg with coloring utensils, paint, and or stickers.  They can even glue small items on; such as toothpicks, buttons, pom poms, etc.

I blame it on my cold...but the plan was to cut out the eggs in our color of the week.  Incase you need a reminder the color is GREEN not orange.

2. Jellyfish Writing
(fine motor and letter j)

For this activity you will need ziploc bags, hair gel (we used LA Looks brand), curling ribbon and tape.

Have your child create their jellyfish (ziploc bag) by taping on curling ribbons.  We also added some crepe paper.

Add hair gel to the bag.  We used yellow and blue to see if we could mix the colors and create green.  It didn't work very well.  So you may want to add green food coloring or paint to brighten up the gel.

Squish your bag to mix the gel!

Then write/draw on your bag!

3. Paper Clip Jewelry
(oval shape and fine motor)

Have your child(ren) use paper clips to create jewelry by linking them together.

4. Red Light Green Light
(gross motor)

Play Red Light, Green Light with your child(ren).  If you want to add fun movement instead of just running be sure to check out my game cards.

If you would like grab your own set of Red Light Green Light action cards at my TpT store.  It will be 50% off this week only.

5. Well
(science and engineering)

To prepare for this activity make a well.  You may consider having your child(ren) help but it may be best to let them observe when you are using the knife.

Step 1 - Using a empty and clean milk carton draw a rectangle on each side.

2 - Cut out each rectangle using a sharp knife.  Be sure to leave connecting pieces on two sides.  Use scissors if the carton becomes to flimsy.

3 - Hole punch a hole in each of the conneting side pieces and well as 2 into a small cup (I used a ketchup cup I got from McDonalds).

4 - Cut out some of the bottom of your "well".

5 - Tie yarn to the cup making a basket.

6 - Tie a long strand of yarn to a wooden skewer.  Attach the other end to the "basket" handle.

7 - Trace your well on the center of a thin piece of cardboard.  Cut out a hole inside of the traced square.

8 - hot glue your "well" to the cardboard above the hole.

Now let your child(ren) experiment and play with the well.  They will be able to twist the skewer so the bucket moves up and down.  Tell them why people use/used wells.

Hint: add small rocks to your bucket to make it heavy enough to go underwater.

Wednesday - February 1, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Letter Clip It Cards
(letter review and recognition and fine motor skills)

For this activity your child will read the big letter on the card and using a clothespin clip the correct letter on the side.  I got out letters A-J to review the letters we have discussed in previous weeks as well as our new letters of the week.

If you child is ready to match uppercase to lower case OR sound out the beginning letter of the picture and match it to the letter... I have included sets for those in my alphabet clip it cards as well.

You can get your own alphabet clip it cards at my TpT store.  It will be 50% off this week only.

2. Tennis Ball Balancing
(motor skills, eye hand coordination and oval shape)

For this activity your child will try to balance a ball on a tennis racket (which is shaped like an oval!).

3. Slime
(color green and sensory)

1 tsp warm Borax powder (found in the laundry aisle of stores)
1 1/2 cups WARM water
4 oz. (1/2 cup) Elmer's glue
Green food coloring


1 - Mix Borax with the warm water.

2 - Add food coloring and stir.

 3 -  In a seperate bowl add glue and 1 Tbsp warm water. And mix.

4- Add Borax mixture to glue mixture.  Mix with hands.

5 - Take out slime from Borax mixture quickly so it doesn't get to stiff.

Now play and explore!

4. Shadow Number Puppets
(number recognition)

To prepare for this activity you will need to write bubble letters on cardstock.  Cut them out.

Then hot glue them onto popsicle sticks to create number puppets.

Give your child(ren) a flashlight.  Have them shine the light at the number puppets.   What number shadow is on the wall?

5. Bandaid Jack & Jill
(fine motor and life skills) 

If you have child like my kiddos they may not like putting bandaids on.  I am not sure why my kids are afraid of bandaids but they do not like to have them put on.  So why not make a postive experience for them to explore bandaids!

Sing or say our nursery rhyme of the week.  Jack and Jill got hurt when they fell down the hill.  Let's put bandaids on Jack and Jill to help their cuts heal.  Have your child(ren) open the bandaid and cover Jack or Jill in bandaids.  What is a crown?

Don't forget to grab your FREE Jack and Jill printables!

Thursday - February 2, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. Ice Sensory Bin
(sensory and letter i)

Add ice cubes your sensory bin and let your children explore!  My kiddos loved this activity.  Don't forget to add some gloves.

2. Dancing Raising
(oval shape and science)

You will need Sprite, raisins and a clear jar or glass.

Have your child(ren) add the soda to the glass.  Then add the raisins.  Wait for just a minute and then watch as the raisins rise and fall.  My kindergartner loved this activity.  He did it over and over again.

We even added raisins to a glass of water.  What happens to the raisins that are in the water?  Do they dance too?

3. Handprint Color Mix
(green color recognition and sensory)

Let your child(ren) use yellow and blue finger paint to make a picture.  What happens with the yellow and blue paint mix?  You create another color, green!

4. Water Transfer
(motor skills and eye hand coordination)

To prepare for this activity place a bucket or bowl of water at one end of a towel or mat.  At the other end place an empty bucket or bowl.

Start this activity by singing or saying our nursery rhyme of the week.  Talk about how Jack and Jill had to go and get their water from the top of the hill and bring it back down.  Let your child(ren) transfer the water from the water bucket to the empty water bucket using paper cups.

This activity was a huge hit!

Friday - February 3, 2017
Today's activities include:

1. More or Less Farm
(counting and math)

For this activity set up a farm using blocks or whatever you have on hand.  Add animals to the farm.  Ask your child with animal pin has more animals?  Which animal pin has less?  How many animals are in the animal pin?

They loved just playing afterwards!

2. Twister
(color recognition)

This activity is a twist on the game twister.  You or your child can spin the wheel.  Just say hand and foot unless your child is ready to learn left and right.  Have them put their hand or foot on the color that was spun.  They don't need to tang themselves into knots.  Just have them move to the next color when it is spun.

3. Easter Egg number match
(oval shape, number recognition and counting)

To prepare for this activity write (with permant marker) numbers 0-10 on to plastic Easter eggs.  Add jelly beans (because they are oval shaped) or other yummy treats like Goldfish or M&M's to the eggs.
Egg #7 would have 7 jelly beans and egg #4 would have 4 jelly beans.

For this activity have your child(ren) grab an egg.  They will say the number that is on the egg.  Have them open the egg and count how many jelly beans are in the egg.  They many then eat the treat if they want.  If you have an older child they may figure out that the higher numbers will have more treats! It didn't take my kindergartner very long before he grabbed all of the high numbered eggs.

4. Somersaults
(gross motor)

For this activity sing or say our nursery rhyme of the week.  Discuss how Jill came tumbling down the hill.  Now let your child tumble by doing somersaults.  I added a painters tape line to make it a bit more challenging.

Need to go back to week 4?  Ready for week 6...  


  1. Great ideas and inspiration! Thank you

    1. You are more than welcome! I hope you have fun exploring and learning with your child.